HPC Research

HPC Research s.r.o. is a Czech company involved in development and production of composite pressure cylinders and equipment for production and testing. Our company can do whole cycle of product development under one roof. It makes process more effective because we keep a link between different phases of product development and serial production set up. 

Our company has been founded in 2012. 

Manufacturing facility is located in Horni Briza near Pilsen.

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Cylinders Development

Our R&D team has developed and tested several generations of new lightweight composite cylinders and then implemented it into serial production. As of today our products are used in many countries all over the world and received acknowledge of many customers as safe and reliable products. Our team develops cylinders for all possible applications, including high pressure cylinders, fuel tanks and many others.

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Equipment manufacturing

Started as general purpose equipment manufacturing company today we are focused on equipment for composite cylinders production and testing. Our company offers many types of equipment which covers almost all needs of modern production of composite cylinders.


Research & Consulting

Based on our experience of own researches and developments we offer to our customers consulting in the fields of design, technology optimization and quality assurance of composite cylinder production and injection molded/blown production of plastic parts.