Forklift Cylinders


Our client, Tomegas s.r.o. (Czech Republic) uses HPC Research composite cylinders for forklift trucks with clip-on system.  

LPG cylinders for forklifts were basically designed to use the forklifts easily and safely. If things are going well, it does not mean that care should not be taken. Safety is the priority in order to prevent hazards and accidents that simply shouldn’t be present.

Following the safety tips ensure in using the forklift in a safest and best possible manner. 

– Make sure to wear essential PPE before dealing with the LPG cylinder. Wear long protective gloves, accurate work clothes, and protective eye glasses for better safety.

– Be gentle while working with LPG cylinders. Don’t drop, dent, or damage them.

– Avoid using an automotive LPG cylinder as it is extreme fire hazardous which is not considered for the purpose of particular connections.

– Avoid the contact of metal tools when working with LPG cylinders.

– Ensure the installing process of LPG cylinder in forklift is accurately performed. If carelessly installed, it might end up providing serious hazards.